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How Much Should a Locksmith Charge in London?

If you are interested in the services of a locksmith in London, the first thing that you probably want to know is how much they charge. The answer to this question can be as diverse as the number of locksmiths available out there. There are great variations between the amount of money that different locksmiths quote for their jobs. Here are some of the factors that determine how much locksmiths charge.

  • Genuine Vs Fake Locksmiths

Considering that the locksmith industry in the UK is unregulated, anyone can operate as a locksmith legally. This can mean a lot of inexperienced and fake locksmiths in the market to deal with. Most fake locksmiths charge lower than their genuine colleagues. Make sure that you are not conned in the process since after giving low quotes, they may end up increasing the costs under the pretense of hidden costs that they forgot to mention a locksmith greenwich.


  • Time of Call

The time you call a locksmith determines the amount of money you will pay for the job. If you make out of working hours calls, you are most likely to pay more than during working hours. If the service is not urgent, you don’t have to make the call immediately because calling a locksmith at odd hours means more money out of your pocket. You may be surprised that they will charge up to 100% more especially for night and holiday calls.

  • Local Vs Non-Local Locksmiths

The distance covered by the local locksmiths London from where he is to where you are will definitely be charged on your bill. Therefore, the closer the locksmith is to you, the more cost effective the charges will be. If you are looking at a means to save on your locksmith, try to choose those that are in your local area.


Locksmith services normally cost something between £50 to £120 depending on a number of variables such as time of call, genuineness of the locksmith and locality of the locksmith.