How Did I Shoot Wemblay Stadium

With every photography project is important to make sure that you have all the gear that you need. When shooting massive architecture structure like the Wembley stadium it is important to make sure that you have wide angle lens minimum 24mm on the crop sensor but I take my 14mm and 17-40 mm lens in case that I have to be really close to the stadium. the other thing essential for architecture photography is robust static, sometimes you need to take long exposure so you want to make sure that your tripod can support your camera.

When I was going to photograph the stadium I obviously took one of the many taxis in Wembley, as it would be very difficult to commute with all the heavy gear that I need for the architecture photography. Always be sure to check that you took all the stuff from your taxi, I’ve personally lost many tripods when traveling.

Once I got to the stadium, I have walked around to make sure that I get the best possible angle for the shoot, If I did have my 14mm lens I would be forced to stand on the different site as there was a building that was blocking my position, However thanks to my 14 mm I was able to stand closer to the architecture monster and still get all of it in my shot.wembley stadium

Once I would my position i was just waiting for the bets light, which usually appears soon after the sunset. In architecture, photography is important to get the perfect light, when the building looks the most plastic ad 3D if you want to see a short tutorial on how to make a building look more that just a building watch this short video.

and that was it, here are some of the pictures that I have taken that day. if you want to see more of my great pictures visit Nunzio Prenna Facebook page

How Did I Shoot Wemblay Stadium

final picture of the Wemblay Stadium