5 Ways To Carry Out A Fast And Effective Tyre Check

There’s more to a car tyre check that just a quick look to see whether the air pressure is right. Rather, you need to be able to determine that the air pressure is right and also that the condition of the tires is uniform. Mind you, some tyres get worn out faster and before others, and unless you’re a keen observer, you may realize this when it is too late. Below, we have compiled a list of 5 ways to carry out a fast and effective tyre check;

  1. Check the condition of the tyre
  • You can do this easily by cross checking your tyres for any signs of cuts, tears, stones or even bulges and uneven wears on the tyre
  • This will help determine the type of repair necessary and also prevent major damage.
  1. Check the tyre pressure
  • This can be done by use of a pressure gauge.
  • Tyre pressure is checked when then tyres are cool.
  • The process on how to check the pressure may differ according to the different makes of tyres hence it is advisable to consult the manual of the owner or one on the inside of the door of the driver.
  1. Check the tread depth
  • The depth of the tyres should be keenly looked at.
  • It can be measured in different ways including by using a coin.
  • However, when the depth goes down to about 3mm the only solution is to replace the tyres.
  • It is also necessary to rotate the tyres after coverage of specified miles.

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  1. Condition of the tyre valves
  • The tyre valves are necessary for maintaining tyre pressure and are also responsible for preventing air from being added or removed from the tyre.
  • If the valves are not in proper condition, they are likely to let air out of the tyre leading to a flat tyre; which can come as a rude shock!
  • Valve caps should also be in place since they ensure the valves are dirt and dust free.
  1. Spare tyre
  • The spare tyre should always be available and in a usable condition for use in case of a flat tyre.
  • The necessary tools should also always be on standby.


Constant and proper tyre check up is more than just ensuring that the tyres are in good condition; it is about your safety, it is about avoiding any unforeseen eventualities.

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