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Nigh Out

Clubbing in London

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London is well know for it’s club scene. Every single person can find what they like, whether it is Salsa, techno,  R&B or popular music. This article will help you to choose the best clubs in London.

    • Tiger Tiger

      One of the most famous clubs in London is massive 3 stories big club in central London few minutes form Piccadilly circus. The club has 4 different rooms in which you can dance on different music, whether is dance music, retro, or R&B.
      The positive thing is that the place is always full of sexy girls that are celebrating their birthday or are just having fun, so you can go there with your boys and chances are that you will meet some fun girl.

  • Café de Paris

    This glamorous place is for a special night out. The place has an amazing location just a few meters from Lestair square. The Dj usually plays typical dance music, but the really unique thing about the place is it’s classy vibe, which is reinforced by the dress code as every man has to wear a suit and every woman has to wear a nice dress and high heels.

  • Novikov

    This is probably my favorite place in entire London. It’s located in amazing Mayfair and it’s just for the poshest people in London. Special thing about thsi place is that they always want to keep the man to female ratio equal so if you want to enter the place as a men, you have to be in a company of at least one attractive woman. That might be a problem for single guys, but there’s one way how to go around this rule. You can just hire a Mayfair’s best high-class escorts, and woalla, you can get in! The good thing is that an escort can help you pick up women as well, so it’s a great idea to take her in.