Why Use Removal Services

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You can get a friendly and helpful assistance if you are moving property from a professional service if you do not want to move your possessions yourself. You can hire fantastic man who can cater services for an easy moving across London and the surrounding areas. A moving company service in London is most suitable when you are moving from one place to another or just moving few objects from one place to another. A Man with a Van London Services

The company provides a service that can be specifically tailored to meet your needs in terms of scope and size so no matter whether you need just a single man or a team of 3 with the ramp you can set up your service to accomplish that. A man with a van company is most suitable when you are moving few objects especially when you are relocating student.

A man with a van is like a house removal service but on a smaller scale. It is perfect for small moves and the service is a cheaper and more effective alternative if you are moving your whole home. Are you still unsure whether you need men and women for a home removal service? You don’t have anything to worry about. All you have to do is contact us and take advice and we will suggest the best option for you in terms of price and convenience.

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How Much Should a Locksmith Charge in London?

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If you are interested in the services of a locksmith in London, the first thing that you probably want to know is how much they charge. The answer to this question can be as diverse as the number of locksmiths available out there. There are great variations between the amount of money that different locksmiths quote for their jobs. Here are some of the factors that determine how much locksmiths charge.

  • Genuine Vs Fake Locksmiths

Considering that the locksmith industry in the UK is unregulated, anyone can operate as a locksmith legally. This can mean a lot of inexperienced and fake locksmiths in the market to deal with. Most fake locksmiths charge lower than their genuine colleagues. Make sure that you are not conned in the process since after giving low quotes, they may end up increasing the costs under the pretense of hidden costs that they forgot to mention a locksmith greenwich.


  • Time of Call

The time you call a locksmith determines the amount of money you will pay for the job. If you make out of working hours calls, you are most likely to pay more than during working hours. If the service is not urgent, you don’t have to make the call immediately because calling a locksmith at odd hours means more money out of your pocket. You may be surprised that they will charge up to 100% more especially for night and holiday calls.

  • Local Vs Non-Local Locksmiths

The distance covered by the local locksmiths London from where he is to where you are will definitely be charged on your bill. Therefore, the closer the locksmith is to you, the more cost effective the charges will be. If you are looking at a means to save on your locksmith, try to choose those that are in your local area.


Locksmith services normally cost something between £50 to £120 depending on a number of variables such as time of call, genuineness of the locksmith and locality of the locksmith.

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Finding a Local Tradesperson

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We all need some general repairs around the home at some stage and will need to request the services of a local expert repairman. Whether it is a expert local 24 hour electrician or emergency locksmith.

locksmith tools

The quickest way to find a qualified trades person will to be to go online and search. For example if you need a locksmith, type in something similar to qualified battersea locksmiths as an example. Just add the district that you are in.

Something that you should bear in mind is that you should only hire someone who is reputable and is suitably qualified.

You can of course hire someone that you may already know or a person that has had work done in the past and was satisfied with the work done. Just make sure that they are reputable as it is better to be sage than sorry.

When looking for a local trades person,you should get a few quotes before so you get the best value for your money. If you are in an emergency situation, you may have a tendency to rush into things and pick the first person taht shows up. Try to be a little paitent though as a few extra minutes research will pay off and it may save you tha hassle of a poor job being done.

Whe searching online and in a hurry, you could add the word emergency to the search or 24 hours to find a person or company that works through the night. For instace you could write emergency electrician in London or another example could be emergency battersea locksmiths

You should get a guarantee once work has finished to insure that you will be covered should something go wrong.


How Did I Shoot Wemblay Stadium

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With every photography project is important to make sure that you have all the gear that you need. When shooting massive architecture structure like the Wembley stadium it is important to make sure that you have wide angle lens minimum 24mm on the crop sensor but I take my 14mm and 17-40 mm lens in case that I have to be really close to the stadium. the other thing essential for architecture photography is robust static, sometimes you need to take long exposure so you want to make sure that your tripod can support your camera.

When I was going to photograph the stadium I obviously took one of the many taxis in Wembley, as it would be very difficult to commute with all the heavy gear that I need for the architecture photography. Always be sure to check that you took all the stuff from your taxi, I’ve personally lost many tripods when traveling.

Once I got to the stadium, I have walked around to make sure that I get the best possible angle for the shoot, If I did have my 14mm lens I would be forced to stand on the different site as there was a building that was blocking my position, However thanks to my 14 mm I was able to stand closer to the architecture monster and still get all of it in my shot.wembley stadium

Once I would my position i was just waiting for the bets light, which usually appears soon after the sunset. In architecture, photography is important to get the perfect light, when the building looks the most plastic ad 3D if you want to see a short tutorial on how to make a building look more that just a building watch this short video.

and that was it, here are some of the pictures that I have taken that day. if you want to see more of my great pictures visit Nunzio Prenna Facebook page

How Did I Shoot Wemblay Stadium

final picture of the Wemblay Stadium

Nigh Out

Clubbing in London

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London is well know for it’s club scene. Every single person can find what they like, whether it is Salsa, techno,  R&B or popular music. This article will help you to choose the best clubs in London.

    • Tiger Tiger

      One of the most famous clubs in London is massive 3 stories big club in central London few minutes form Piccadilly circus. The club has 4 different rooms in which you can dance on different music, whether is dance music, retro, or R&B.
      The positive thing is that the place is always full of sexy girls that are celebrating their birthday or are just having fun, so you can go there with your boys and chances are that you will meet some fun girl.

  • Café de Paris

    This glamorous place is for a special night out. The place has an amazing location just a few meters from Lestair square. The Dj usually plays typical dance music, but the really unique thing about the place is it’s classy vibe, which is reinforced by the dress code as every man has to wear a suit and every woman has to wear a nice dress and high heels.

  • Novikov

    This is probably my favorite place in entire London. It’s located in amazing Mayfair and it’s just for the poshest people in London. Special thing about thsi place is that they always want to keep the man to female ratio equal so if you want to enter the place as a men, you have to be in a company of at least one attractive woman. That might be a problem for single guys, but there’s one way how to go around this rule. You can just hire a Mayfair’s best high-class escorts, and woalla, you can get in! The good thing is that an escort can help you pick up women as well, so it’s a great idea to take her in.


What is ChocMail ?

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Chocmail is the mail order department of our retail shop “The Chocolate Gourmet”, a haven for chocolate lovers.
Based in Ludlow Shropshire, one of the ” most perfect historic towns”
and one of the very best food centres in England.
There are a number of discerning chocolate lovers who cannot find high
quality chocolate on a regular basis. For this reason we have carefully chosen a selection

of our specialist stock for customers who are looking for a gourmet mail order gift.
“For some people chocolate is a sinful vice,
for others a passionate obsession. Either way,
a fine piece of chocolate is always a pleasure”